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Sonu’s PY Success Story

The Professional year program has been in place since 26/04/15 Melbourne and in Sydney 12/07/15. ATMC offers Professional Year programs through the Australian Computer Society (ACS) for information technology graduates and accounting programs through the Skilled Migration Internship Program: Accounting (SMIPA).


 It is a program that has been developed to help international students who have graduated from an Australian university and who are looking for a successful pathway from university to employment and residency in Australia.  Professional Year is a job preparation program that will equip the student with the professional skills necessary for a successful career in the Australian workforce.


Along the way there have been many success stories of students who have undertaken the program and have been able to not only obtain a vast amount of experience and knowledge about the company they have been placed with for their  internship; but in some cases they have also been offered permanent employment. Sonu Pangotra is another student who has finished her studies successfully and decided to do the Professional Year program. Her story is one of success also.  


As part of the program Sonu had a PY trainer/facilitator Michael O’Keeffe who had been a role model throughout the entire process. He was able to provide support and guidance to Miss Sonu in specific areas concerning the Australian work culture as well as how to manage workplace issues in a very professional manner. Miss Sonu gained her internship with Australia’s leading Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Company as a Business Analyst.


As part of her internship Sonu was able to move the company from a paper based form system to a more up to date electronic and efficient means of working. She was able to create the automation of an Eform that could be accessed via phones and tablets for customers. She has been able to create a better stream line system that has become much more organised and efficient as well as more ecofriendly for the organisation.  


She gained a hands on perspective and understanding how the company could work and benefit from a better work practice whilst doing her internship with Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Company and by incorporating her great sales project skills learned through her PY training. Since the creation of the Eform the company has had a quicker processing and response time for their customers.


Sonu has since been able to successfully secure a permanent role with them.

She is now moving further afield, but has come back to ATMC PY Melbourne staff to find her replacement. She interviewed a number of potential PY graduates from here – this is a wonderful success story. We are very proud of her achievements and wish her all the best in her new career.



Contributed by: Andreana Vassallo