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The secret traits you need to succeed in digital marketing

A passion for spreading the word about a product or service is one thing, but there are other qualities companies and recruiters are looking for when hiring for marketing roles.

This was among the main messages resulting from a recent Job Pathway webinar on Digital Marketing, conducted by the Australian Technical and Management College (ATMC) and

One of the webinar’s special guests, Raja Dasgupta, chief innovation officer and co-founder of GenZ360, revealed to participants one of the main but often-overlooked components of marketing.

“The entire marketing industry and profession is based on research,” said Raja, who is also co-founder and CEO of Studenting Era.

“This fact has never changed, even as the sector has gradually moved from print into digital. Even today, the entire basis of deciding upon a campaign, whether you’re executing it in a print or digital environment, is dependant upon research,” said Raja, who has over 22 years’ experience in the education sector, with a special focus on academia, institutional alliances and skill development.



“In turn, the reason analytics is so important in marketing is that analytics is nothing but technology amalgamating with that research.”

Another guest on the webinar was Supriyo Chaudhuri, general manager of ATMC UK. Supriyo told the session’s audience that certificates and qualifications are important, but there are other vital traits he would look for when recruiting someone for a digital marketing role.

“I look for something else as well; I look for whether that person listens, and whether that person can understand trends and can understand the business’s customers, rather than whether they know the toolkits,” said Supriyo, an experienced executive with a background in international higher education and edtech. He is also a global influencer and blogger.

“Toolkits can be taught, whereas I find anticipation is an attitude which is more difficult to teach and more difficult to create within a high-pressure work environment.”

Also onboard for the webinar was James Smith, an editor, copywriter and communications manager with ATMC Australia. James has 26 years’ writing and editing experience across a wide range of platforms including online, social media and print.

The ATMC/ webinar on Marketing was facilitated by Marketa Moses (Program Manager at and was part of the weekly Job Pathway Webinar Series.