Education in Australia: transforming for the 2020 economy
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Education in Australia: transforming for the 2020 economy

Driving change…

There are three key drivers of change in the Australian education sector. These include the need to:

  1. Remain competitive in a global marketplace
  2. Address national and international skills inequalities
  3. Prepare students to prosper in an uncertain future.
  • International assessments show Australian school students are falling behind their peers in other countries in literacy, numeracy and science rankings. While this is a threat to our international competitiveness, we’re seeing similar disparities on home soil between geographical areas and groups of varying socio-economic status.
  • Deteriorating skills and unequal skill distribution are serious concerns if we expect Australian children to be able to collaborate with each other and compete in a global employment market.
  • Our higher education sector is also being pushed to change. Universities and vocational education providers face growing pressure to unbundle their programs and offer more virtual learning opportunities for students who are starting to find existing education routes rigid and impractical.
  • Uncertainty is another major driver of transformation. To thrive in ambiguous and volatile environments, students need new, unconventional teaching materials and methods that give them practical knowledge and skills they can apply outside an education setting.

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