Beyond the Rankings: What Really Matters in a University?
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Beyond the Rankings: What Really Matters in a University?


It’s not just the campus that counts but what surrounds it.

For starters, long (and possibly expensive) commutes to and from school will have a big impact on your lifestyle and free time.


One of the best things about higher education is being exposed to new ideas and perspectives, which is what makes multicultural campuses so exciting.

In an increasingly globalised world, diversity is always a plus. But for international students, it can also be important to get the balance right.


An institution’s ‘attrition rate’ (the number of people who drop out) is one of the best measures of student satisfaction there is.


Student services are the people you’ll have to deal with if you have an issue with enrollment, paying fees, course planning, health, welfare or basically anything important.


Campus culture is going to be one of the biggest contributing factors to your university experience – it’s also one of the hardest things to research.


Class and course flexibility are especially important to international students.

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