ATMC Has Talent Competition Brings Winner Home

Last month, the Melbourne ATMC campuses held a talent competition that required auditions and then a final performance at the Franklin Street Campus.










Students danced and sang their way to the finale.











One contestant, Manjinder Kaur Deol, showcased her dancing skills during the auditions and found herself as a finalist.














Manjinder is from Punjab, India and is in the Master of Professional Accounting Program. She wanted to become more involved in ATMC events, and in turn ended up winning the whole competition!


Manjinder recalled, “I heard about this talent competition, without taking much time, I decided to go in. Not much preparations as I used to participate in dance competition at my previous schools. I feel happy and fresh while dancing… moreover, it acts as an exercise for me to keep myself fit.”














“I was very much excited about this and I wanted to be a part in activities of ATMC. Lastly, I can just only say I felt I was in my home country, like I was enjoying there and it happened for the first time while participating. Really thankful to ATMC staff and team members.”




Contributed by: Victoria Yutronich