How to apply for MICT at ATMC-USC July 2018
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How to apply for MICT at ATMC-USC July 2018

Please read the information below to ensure your application is complete to enable processing. If you need assistance with completing your application, please contact an enrolments officer at or call +61 3 9631 9150.

Step 1:
Choose the Program that best suits your interests and career goals.

Step 2:
Complete the Application form located at the back of this program guide.

Step 3:
Attach the Relevant Documents to your form.

Step 4:
Read the payment and refund TERMS.

Step 5:
Submit your Application form and required Documents.

Step 6:
Receive your letter of offer.

Step 7:
The next step is to confirm your enrolment by accepting your offer. To accept your offer, you will be required to complete the international student offer and acceptance agreement form. Included with your offer will be a detailed guide to accepting your offer to study the USC Melbourne and Sydney programs or ATMC Certificates, Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas. You are required to meet the condition stated in your letter of offer to enrol in your chosen course.

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