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Why Australian Qualifications?

Many international students are choosing Australia as the study destination because of its friendly and welcoming environment, excellent education system, high standard of living and worldwide recognition of its qualifications.

The standards for educational qualifications in Australia and its acceptance by other countries are defined in the Australian Qualifications Framework (  Administered by the Department of Training, the AQF specifies the standards, education and training organizations that are authorized by accrediting authorities to issue a qualification.  Introduced in 1995, the AQF encompasses higher education, vocational training, and secondary schools.

On a level 1 (certificate 1 qualification) to level 10 (doctoral degree qualification), the AQF framework is structured around descriptive criteria and appropriate duration.  Diplomas are pinned at level 5, bachelor degrees at level 7, and master degrees at level 9.  Foreign qualifications are assessed at the comparable or equivalent level for the purposes of admission to an Australian education institution or employment.

To enable greater education and training mobility, Australia has undertaken joint technical studies with foreign jurisdictions for the purpose of determining compatibility and equivalency.  In the Comparative Analysis of the Australian Qualifications Framework and the European Qualifications Framework ( Latest-News/Documents/ED16-0165%20-%20693040%20-%20Joint%20Technical%20Report_ACC.pdf), the AQF and EQF levels up to 4 are similar, but an Australian bachelor degree AQF level 7 is comparable to EQF level 6; whilst an Australian Masters AQF level 9 is comparable to EQF level 7.  The maximum EQF level is 8 for a doctoral degree.

On the other hand, AQF and the NZ Qualifications Framework are broadly compatible.  Each framework has 10 levels and is comparable, making ease of mobility across the Tasman (

Students pursuing a qualification in Australia are assured their studies will have worldwide recognition and acceptance. 



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