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We believe that the greatest gift we can give to you and your family is HEALTH.

ATMC-INDIA cares about you and your health. In continuation of its human endeavor and to bring about health awareness to the people in the company, ATMC-INDIA HR Department, in collaboration with PSRI Saket (a leading hospital of Delhi) organized a Free Mega Health Camp on Friday the 19th of May, 2018 from 10.00 am to 05.00 pm.

Through this initiative, we have encouraged everyone to participate in this program and look forward to live a healthier life! All employees of ATMC India attended the Free Mega Health Camp.

A special team of Specialist Doctors, Consultants, Nurses, and volunteers conducted free consultations and checkups, to all the employees who attended the Mega Health Camp. In addition to this, free Blood Pressure Checkup, Blood Sugar Checkup, BMI Checkup was carried out on the visitors to create awareness about diabetes and hypertension which is one of the most worrisome health issue prevalent nowadays.

It was a wonderful initiative taken up by the ATMC. The enthusiastic participation of all the employees was clearly visible, demonstrating the wonderful efforts of health camp organizers.


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