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If your visa lets you work, a part-time job can be a great way to meet people and be part of Melbourne life

How to find a part-time job

Check your visa to see if you can work 

Before looking for work, make sure your visa permits you to work in Australia. The Student visa has clear restrictions.

Read more on the Visa conditions page on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.

Talk to your college, school or university

Many universities, colleges, and schools provide a service to help students find part-time work. Contact the student services office at your educational institution to see what help they can give you. Some universities and colleges also have their own employment websites and career advice services for students.

Make connections

Many students find work through connections their fellow students, friends, and family. Tell people that you are looking for work and the kind of work you are looking for.

Understand the industry

The best way to find part-time work is to understand the industry you want to work in. Each industry uses different ways to recruit part-time workers.

  • Hospitality jobs

    Hospitality is a term that covers a cafe, restaurants, catering companies. Workers in hospitality often find a job by knowing someone. If you want to work in a cafe, try going in with a copy of your resume and a small summary of your experience. Speaking to the manager or owner. Even if they don’t have work when you drop in, they might be willing to keep your information and call you when they need help.
    In hospitality, it is normal to be offered a ‘trial’ shift or two. A trial is like a real job, except that they are not making a commitment to an ongoing arrangement. They want to see how you go first and then make a decision.
    If you accept a trial shift, you are entitled to proper pay and conditions. Don’t accept a trial without pay. It is illegal for the employer to ask you to work without pay.

  • Jobs in information technology and communications

    If you are studying in computers or information communication technology (ICT), your friends and fellow students may be able to help you make connections into a part-time or casual job.
    There are also a number of agencies that recruit for ICT jobs.

  • Health jobs

    Health jobs are often advertised through specialist agencies. Research the agencies that operate in the area you’re interested in. Contact them and see if you can meet them so they can put you in their database. It’s a good idea to register with more than one agency, to increase your chances of getting work.


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