ATMC Profiles

Valuable Experiences ATMC Graduates Obtained From Their Learning and Projects


I came to Australia in 2014 to undertake Bachelors of Information Technology. As an international student, I was very unaware about the culture of Australia. Moreover, I did not know much about the collegiate system of Australia. With the help of ATMC’s most supportive staff, finally I was able decide which field would be most suitable one for me.

My project was about building an online language tutoring website. I took the responsibility to become Scrum Master, the responsibilities and pressures that I was having were incredible but with the friendly support and motivation of team ATMC, eventually the result I have achieved was quite fruitful.

At ATMC, you get to apply the skills and knowledge acquired in the classrooms in real world projects. I would strongly recommend future students who are willing to undertake a bachelor degree, be a part of ATMC.




My name is Raj Naik, from Surat, Gujarat, India. I was a student of pathway program from ATMC. I arrived in Melbourne, Australia on 28th July 2015, and started my learning journey the very next day. My experience at ATMC was amazing on the very first day, all the staff were very warm and they always appreciated and motivated me for my work. Moreover, the lecturers and tutors were very knowledgeable in their field. While studying at ATMC, I was awarded with The Golden Key award, an internationally-recognised academic award by world’s largest collegiate honour society.

My IT Project was to build an e-learning marketplace. I was Product Owner, Lead Developer, and Assistant Designer in my team. Apart from creating the new technology, the most important skill I learnt was communications and management, because it is not that tough to make something, but to manage and communicate is the hardest part. I never gave up and had an unforgettable experience at ATMC.



I am Suman Johal from Punjab, India. I came to Australia in November 2014 and started my bachelors at ATMC. I had a wonderful experience here. In these 3 years, the soft skills I gained and experience I had here are useful and meaningful to my academia and future career. The entire learning process was very interesting and the project I was involved in was the most enjoyable part of my degree.

In my project, we built a responsive web-based portal called FOODISH. I played role of Designer and Scrum Master. The project off­ered me numerous ways to flourish my skills. Along with di­fferent technologies, I also got chance to quench my thirst of leading a team. After dealing with a real life client project my confidence upsurged.

Life embraces a great number of journeys but my journey at ATMC will be indelible. ATMC provides platform to students who need opportunities to excel in their future. Work hard, be determined and utilize this learning procedure to the utmost.