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The Essential Checklist for Studying in Australia

Paying for your course

When you sign your acceptance form, you’ll usually need to pay for your first semester up front. Most Australian universities have two semesters a year, beginning in February and July, meaning you’ll only have to pay one semester at a time in advance.

Finalizing your visa

After you’ve accepted the offer and paid for your first semester, you’ll receive a Confirmation of Enrolment email, which you’ll need to complete your visa application process.

Open an Australian bank account

Many Australian banks let you open an account before you arrive, so you can send money ahead, ready for your arrival. You’ll find that many of these are also fee-free for students. When you arrive, you can normally just go into the bank and show them your passport and proof of enrolment.

Find somewhere to live

Accommodation options include homestay, university halls of residence and a unit shared with other students. On-campus accommodation is very popular, so make sure you apply far in advance for this.

Prepare for other expenses

There can be all sorts of other initial expenses when you’re about to start student life in a new country; course books, stationery, new clothes to suit the climate, a bike, or even a car. Take these into account when you’re considering your maintenance costs.

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