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The five biggest myths about Vocational Education and Training

Along with the growth of Vocational Education and Training, several weird and wonderful myths have attached themselves to this very worthwhile education option. Here, we bust just a handful of them …

Probably the most widespread myth about Vocational Education and Training (VET) is that it exists just for trades students.

Actually, VET is awesome for developing hands-on skills for a range of different industries. There are courses in horticulture, web development, business, psychology and even digital interactive games.

Then there’s the myth that studying a VET subject in high school means you can’t get an entry score for university. You are absolutely still eligible.

Probably one of the more short-sighted myths about VET is that it’s mainly just an option for low academic scorers at high school. Hmmm, where do we start with unpacking this one … Vocational Education and Training is an option regardless of your academic scores.

If mainstream school isn’t your jam, VET provides a great pathway towards qualifying for a profession and establishing or improving your practical skills in a particular area — no matter what your grades are.

Please, pay no attention to the other myth out there that VET graduates can’t get a job. In Australia, 78 percent of VET graduates are employed soon after training – a higher rate than university graduates.

To sink the boot in, critics of VET claim that VET grads earn low wages. Not true. Actually, VET grads can earn more than graduates completing a bachelor’s degree. Check out page 34 of this report to see that the median full-time income for a VET graduate is $56,000, compared to the graduate salary of $54,000 for students completing a bachelor’s degree.

Australian Technical and Management College (ATMC CRICOS CODE: 03013D) offers a range of VET programs in the fields of Business, Information Technology, Early Childhood Education and Care as well as English.

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