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Vital tips for university students on how to stay safe online

By ATMC | 5 March 2021

At Australian Technical and Management College, we want to build a safe, online community by providing more awareness about online safety risks and how you can prevent and respond to online safety incidents.

We encourage all of our students to refer to the eSafety Commissioner website to develop more awareness about online safety.

More than 35 percent of reports of image-based abuse relate to young adults in the 18-24 age group. This same age group accounts for over 60 percent of all enrolments at Australian universities.

Image-based abuse is the sharing of intimate images without the consent of the person pictured. It is just one form of online abuse that can be experienced by students of any age.

The good news is that the Australian Government’s eSafety Commissioner has made available some short and sweet resources for students on how to stay safe online.

These three-to-four-page leaflets, or Toolkit for Universities resources, are focused on helping students understand the types of online abuse they could encounter and how to take action to prevent and respond to online safety incidents. The information is useful at uni, at home, in the workplace and while hanging out.

The first two resources are relevant to everyone in the community. They cover the basics of online safety and include information for supporting women – who are more likely than men to experience online abuse.

The remaining resources are specific to the previously mentioned Australian university student age group (18-24 years). They include tips for building your confidence while navigating the online world, managing your time online and how to take action if you or someone you know experiences online abuse.

Australian Technical and Management College encourages all of our students to have a scroll through the links below for some very useful and important advice on how to stay safe online.

Online safety 101 (PDF, 349.24KB)

Online safety – advice for women (PDF, 313.31KB)

Guide for students – responding to cyber abuse (PDF, 297.3KB)

Adapting to the world online (PDF, 225.92KB)

Guide to managing time online (PDF, 313KB)