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Service Awards to ATMC Employees for their Longevity and Loyalty

Service awards acknowledge that it had successfully retained employees for a long period of time. This demonstrates that the company is a good place to work, deserving employee loyalty and longevity. At the ATMC we recognize that our aim is not just to make a successful business, but to create a place where we form a family within the employee-employer relationship.

By giving away this service award ATMC wants to thank the employees for their long service. To pay respect to the best performing employee of the month, we recognize her/him with a reward, words of praise, and a certificate to certify the valuable inputs given by that person. Congratulations on reaching this important service milestone. We are pleased to honour your achievements.

Puneet Gupta, Chief of International Operations, said on the occasion, “People are and always will be our greatest asset”. It is with great pride that he is presenting this award to all the employees.

This year ATMC awarded five service awards to the ones who outperformed, as a symbol of continuity and organizational memory to Sharda Gaur, Neeraj Arora, Naeemuddin, Chetna Sharma, Neha Aggarwal, Sharmistha Sinha (5 years).

The Employee of the Month was awarded to 12 employees who performed exceptionally and contributed to the growth of the company. The employees awarded with Employee of the Month were Abhishek Kumar, Pratiksha Shukla (July 2018), Ayushi Singhal, Mehak Gupta (August 2018), Harshal Agarwal, Nimmi Goel (September 2018), Prachi Bhardwaj, Mehfuz Ali (October 2018), Parth Bhatia & Sucheta Miglani (November 2018), Abhishek Jha & Swati Midha (December 2018).


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