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Why you should reignite your studies and finish off that uni degree

If you’re feeling more SLOW-MO than YOLO, here are a few reminders of why you started your degree in the first place … and why you should definitely finish it. 

The reality is that even if some companies are ditching degree requirements for certain roles, the majority of your rival candidates have a minimum qualification of a Bachelor’s degree. We can no longer assume everything can be learned on the job, and managers rarely have time to properly mentor staff.

Education allows you to potentially earn more money, running off the concept of “the more you learn, the more you earn”. It can provide a sense of financial security and a sense of self-accomplishment. Educated people not only have higher salaries in general, but studies show that they also tend to lead healthier lifestyles and live longer.

Education sets a good example for your family and children, encouraging them to also succeed in life. Placing value on education motivates and displays excellence. Education allows you to be more competitive in filling job requirements, as the changing employment market won’t get any easier.

Unemployment periods between jobs and overall unemployment rates are lower if you have a degree. Australian Technical and Management College (ATMC, CRICOS CODE: 03013D) in association with Federation University and University of the Sunshine Coast, offer an exciting collection of university masters degrees in information technology and Information Systems, and bachelor and masters degrees in Business and Accounting.

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