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Reasons why Australia is the land of opportunities

Globally recognized Universities – 8 out of top 100 Universities in the world are Australian

Globally Recognized Degrees – With a high standard of education and quality assurance Australian Degrees are recognized and accepted globally by Employers. Graduates from Australian Universities hold high ranking positions around the world and responsible for many inventions

A Wide Range of Courses – Australian Universities offer a wide variety of courses and degrees to suit the need and aspirations of International Students.

Advance Technologies in Australian Universities – Australia has many high quality scientific research programs which are on par with US, UK and Europe

Cost of Living and Tuition Costs – Tuition Costs and Living Expenses are considerably Lower in Australia for Overseas students

Work Permit – Overseas students can work in Australia up to 20 hours per week during their studies and post study work permits upon completion of their degree leading to Permanent residency.

Multicultural and save environment – Australia is a multicultural, friendly, harmonious and a safe society where overseas student can adopt and develop themselves easily

ATMC (ATMC CRICOS CODE: 03013D) is a nationally recognized educational institute in the state of Victoria, Australia. ATMC students graduate with the skills, knowledge and relevant industry experience necessary to make a significant impact on the world.

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