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Professional Year’s Internship Component Kick-Starts Many ATMC Graduates’ Careers in Australia

After graduating an Australian university as an international student, it may be difficult to get employment straight away; however, Professional Year (PY) with ATMC provides an advantageous pathway to employment and residency in Australia. The program consists of three main components for job preparation: communications and performance in the Australian workplace, entry and advancement in the workplace, and an internship.


The internship component allows you to apply your knowledge within your field of study and get practical experience within an Australian workplace by collaborating on real projects with real clients. The internship with ATMC’s Professional Year is 250 hours over 12 weeks, and has proven to make its graduates employable in the Australian workforce.

Above, Joey, the website developer for Outcome.Life is training new IT interns from ATMC’s Professional Year Program to prepare them to work with the companies Golf Clearance and ProFx.