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Professional Year Programme: Your pathway from University to Employment in Australia


Have you finished your degree but want to gain additional technical skills and knowledge to establish your career in Australia? Now you can kick-start your career with help from the Professional Year Programme with ATMC.

ATMC offers Professional Year Programmes through the Australian Computer Society (ACS) for information technology graduates and accounting Programmes through the Accounting PYP.

The Professional Year (PY) Programme is specifically designed for international students who have graduated from an Australian university and are looking for a successful pathway from university to employment and residency in Australia. Professional Year is a job preparation Programme that will equip you with the professional skills necessary for a successful career in the Australian workforce.

The Programme is run by our highly experienced trainers, who take a keen interest in each participant’s educational journey. Trainers help participants with course content whilst also giving them the opportunity to express their opinions, so participants graduate with the academic knowledge and confidence needed to excel in their fields.

The PY Programme consists of the following components:

  • Communications and Performance in the Australian Workplace
  • Entry and Advancement in the Australian Workplace
  • Internship

There are two units delivered over 250 contact hours by ATMC. Participants are expected to attend classes of between 8 to 9 hours per week.

a. Communications and Performance in the Australian Workplace

Participants will be expected to attend work meetings during internships and in professional positions. The purpose of this unit is to ensure participants feel comfortable joining and interacting in meetings. The unit covers many aspects of meetings including organizing meetings, expectations of meetings in Australia, roles in meetings, and appropriate behavior, communication, and language.

b. Entry and Advancement in the Australian Workplace

The job descriptions of most PY graduates will include communicating with customers. Cultural sensitivity is essential to be able to build rapport and ensure there is no miscommunication with clients. This unit requires participants to communicate with internal and external customers and team members. The purpose is to ensure that graduates can communicate effectively in customer-facing roles as well as with colleagues.

All ATMC academic staff are highly trained and qualified, particularly in the technology and/or business fields. The PY lecturers are proficient in industry employment and have a strong personal understanding of the Australian workplace environment.


The ATMC PY internship component offers the students to develop, enhance and tailor their CV’s for entry into the Australian workplace.

The internship itself provides practical work experience for participants to develop professional skills, which will enable them to operate effectively across Australian industries and business environments.

During the internship, participants are able to utilize first-hand the skills and knowledge learned during the two classroom-based training and workshop units. Participants must complete the internship in 250 hours over a period of 12 weeks.

Each internship has been specifically designed to complement the participant’s studies and prepare them for a career in their chosen field. Participants will be introduced to both the technical and commercial aspects of a business through observation and supervised practice.

Participants completing internships at employer companies are given the opportunity to work on existing projects and directly assist and/or observe project managers.

Register on Career Central and connect with our Internship Coordinator.


Accounting PYP – Accounting PYP – $7,200.

ACS Professional Year Programme – ACS PY – $12,600.

Once participants have been accepted to enroll in the Programme, they can either nominate to pay the fee in full commencing from the first day of the Programme or by direct bank debt.


At ATMC we ensure participants graduate work-ready by creating an environment where they can develop and apply their skills and knowledge in the workforce.

ATMC’s Work Integrated Learning (WIL) division exists to provide participants with ‘Good WIL’ services. PY participants are encouraged to attend WIL workshops, which assist with identifying career opportunities, resume development and preparing for interviews. Sessions are scheduled regularly throughout the year.

ATMC teaching and administrative staff are also available to provide general advice and assistance with matters such as studying and student administration. We pride ourselves on providing participants with the highest level of support possible, so please don’t be afraid to ask our friendly staff for help.




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