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Going abroad for the first time to study can be daunting and fun. Parents and students naturally have concerns about traveling to and living and studying in a foreign land.  A solid preparation for a longer period of stay is essential.  No one should land in Australia unprepared.  Part of the preparation comes from the phase of researching and writing a good Statement of Purpose. 

However, students should make further pre-departure preparations:   

  1. The student should research the visa requirements, culture, and laws of the host country. Additionally, contact numbers and email address of the university advisors will be useful in case of counseling or assistance required.
  1. The student should plan his/ her travel early so as to grab the best air-ticket deals as student travelers are often offered lower promotional fares. But the student should be certain of the appropriate baggage allowance before he/she finalize the airlines choice.
  1. Living Arrangements – Successfully searched for a shared accommodation or apartment in advance of arrival will give an early start. The student can save time and last minute inconveniences from landing in Australia without a temporary roof over his/her head for the first few nights. 
  1. Clothing is one the most important aspect because Australia has four seasons and its winter starts in the middle of the year, opposite to that of the Northern Hemisphere. The student shall not over pack which may result in extra allowance baggage, and also the student can buy few clothes in Australia according to current weather condition.  Clothing is inexpensive in Australia.
  1. Important documents – The student should ensure that all necessary university admission and travel documents are kept in a personal folder to avoid misplacing them and to be able to present at the immigration counter when requested. Photocopies kept in different luggage can serve as backups. 
  1. Funds – Sufficient funds before the commencement of studies will offer peace of mind. The student shall estimate during researching and writing his/her SOP how much money will be needed.  A budget can instill financial discipline and curb excessive spending.  One should not forget the prevailing exchange rate and the amount of cash-at-hand to tie over initial purchases before opening a bank account.  Australian customs rules on the declaration of foreign currencies and cash brought into the country must be strictly respected. 
  1. Having medical insurance that covers emergencies and basic outpatient and inpatient treatment is a requirement of the Australian visa issuance. The Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is affordable basic insurance.  Awareness of coverage, exclusions and any deductibles or co-sharing of medical expenses is important to factor into the monthly living expense budget.  Students can, of course, buy their own private medical insurance in place of OSHC. 

ATMC provides a free pre-departure orientation programme that is available anytime, anywhere for our students.  A login id and password to sign-into the ATMC training portal ( is issued prior to visa lodgment.  The training modules include:

  • Why Australia
  • Getting to know Australia
  • Australian values
  • ATMC Managed University Campus
  • Academic Programs Offered by ATMC
  • Student Welfare and Success
  • Doing things the Right Way
  • Final Test to evaluate the student’s preparedness



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