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Nutritious Healthy Snacks for students

We compiled five great food groups and snacks that nutritional experts recommend when it comes to finding the right brain food.


Small handful of Sahale’s Spicy Soledad Almonds (sold at supermarkets).

Healthy Oven-Baked Chips:

Replace greasy, fried potato chips with this healthy alternative, which is made by breading sliced zucchini and baking it in the oven. A dip in fat-free milk helps the breadcrumb coating stick, and Parmesan cheese gives the chips a deliciously crispy texture. Consider serving alongside hummus, carrots, or other crudité.

All-Natural Multigrain Waffle:

Van’s All-Natural Multigrain Waffle with fruit preserves (or honey or fresh berries).


One-inch cube of hard cheese (like aged Gouda), plus four to six dried apricot halves.


One cup of mixed cereal (like bran flakes, Wheat Chex, and Health Valley Organic Oat Bran Flakes).

Tomato Soup:

Small bowl of pureed tomato soup with a dollop of low-fat sour cream.

Energy Bar:

Energy bar containing at least four grams of protein (like Lärabar Cherry Pie).

Sliced Cucumbers and Light Swiss Cheese:

Sliced cucumbers and one or two wedges of Laughing Cow Light Swiss Original Cheese.

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