Student Support

Navneet and Byron Reflect on the Support from ATMC towards Their Pathway for PR

Navneet came from India to earn her Masters in IT at ATMC and continued by pursuing Professional Year. She engaged in an internship relevant to her studies.


“I’ve just completed my Professional Year with ATMC, I really like how they taught me how I could apply my skill. The teachers were very supportive and the facilities were great. I look forward to what the future holds for me and my career aspirations here in Australia. The internship has helped me setting up my career for success and also on the path for obtaining my PR”


Bryon studied Information and Communications Technology and then decided to take on Professional Year. He landed himself an internship that turned into a full-time job as a software developer! Above, Bryon is returning from his first business trip to the Philippines, only one week after being offered his full-time job from his internship host company.


“The opportunity to learn and put your knowledge into practice is tremendous. People don’t realise how powerful it is. My internship has honestly now changed my life as after all the struggles as an international student I have never been happier. I can now apply for PR knowing my career has been launched.”