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Longevity and Loyalty Awards to ATMC Employees

This year ATMC awarded five service awards to our most solid performers, as a symbol of continuity and organizational memory to Vivek Anand (7 years), Mukesh (10 years), Swati Jain (5 years), Sachin Kumar (5 years) & Supriya Bhatnagar (5 years).  Many Congratulations, to all the recipients of the award this year.
In an informal event, in presence of all the ATMC staff the awards were presented to all the recipients.
Puneet Gupta: Chief of International operations,  Director Marketing: Sultana Khan and Director Admissions: Mr. Jason Price presided the event and presented awards. The occasion was marked by the motivational thank you notes by the recipients. The Award included a Cash prize and Certifications for the winners.
Puneet Gupta, Chief of International operations, said on the occasion, “People are and always will be our greatest asset. It is with great pride that he is presenting this award to colleagues and everyone is a valuable member of ATMC.” Congratulations to receivers on reaching this important service milestone, ATMC is pleased to honour illustrious achievement.
At ATMC we recognize that our aim is not just to make a great institution, but to create a place where we form a family within the employee-employer relationship. By giving away these service awards, ATMC wants to thank the employees for their long services.