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Library Resources at ATMC

Some of the greatest resources at ATMC are the libraries, resources and support as well as the library page.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out this page – it is a must as it will provide you with very helpful information and tools that will assist you whilst you are studying through ATMC.  

All students are able to access the library page via this link: On the home page you’ll be able to see an area where tweets can be seen as well as a section for the latest library news.  Below on the same page you’ll find useful links and documents. I have listed a short summary of what each link provides. You can find out more by clicking on the links for further information. 

 Useful Links and Documents

  • How to guides – that cover a range of topics that include: how to find a book, how to reserve a book and how to renew a book. As well as access to a vast number of journal articles that can found using a catalogue search.
  • ATMC Library Guide – is a great tool and guide for students to help them with their assignments, how to search for information, research, and other helpful tips when compiling assignments.
  • ATMC Study Skills Handbook – is another resource that will be a handy companion for students to use as a guide when researching and writing their assignments, tips for time management, tips on how to give oral presentations, preparing for exams as well as referencing and other invaluable information.
  • CDU Harvard referencing guide – a guide for CDU students as a preferred method of academic referencing as well as avoiding plagiarism
  • FedUni APA referencing guide – this guide is specifically for Federation university students designed to assist them with referencing and providing examples of referencing for assignments as well a guide of what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.
  • USC Harvard referencing guide – is a guide that has been specially designed for the USC students on how to reference properly and also a section of avoid plagiarism.
  • ATMC Library rules & policies – this page is dedicated to a number of links for all students from all three universities as well as for students studying English.
  • Contact Us – this page has been designed for students to easily and readily contact the ATMC library staff either through phone, email or on site where they will happily assist you with your inquiry. Also on this page there is important information that can help students before they leave their native place of origin as well as suggestions for career development, accommodation, cost of living, library information, visa related information, assessment and exam results, English language, teaching and learning and academic support. Find out more by checking out the links.

Currently the ATMC Collins Street campus, ATMC Federation campus (Lonsdale Street), (and now recently the Franklin Street Campus!) each have libraries where students are able to borrow books, the option of reissuing of books and also speaking to library staff for other assistance.  This may also include accessing other resources such as assistance with resume writing and with writing and referencing for assignments.



Contributed by: Andreana Vassallo