How important is a University degree for your career?

A university degree allows people to widen their employment opportunities as well as their own sphere of influence based on greater understanding of world issues


Jonathan Abell, Managing Director at Michael Page Engineering and Manufacturing, says that, having a degree has become increasingly important within the field of logistics. Logistics operations have become more complex over recent years and a university degree indicates an ability to problem solve, work through projects to completion and to set short, medium and long-term goals.


Katie Self, Manager at Page Executive, says that, for most agency roles, having a degree is vital. The top performing agencies are full of Oxbridge and Red Brick University calibre candidates. Client services, analytics and strategy or planning positions require a degree as standard and the degrees tend be directly relevant to the role.

Blue-chip companies

Simon Nolan, Head of Consumer Practice at Page Executive, points out that, for a lot of sectors, a degree is a prerequisite to get your foot in the door of a large, blue-chip company.


According to Nicola Wensley, a Director at Page Executive, who manages executive appointments in fashion, retail experience is just as important as a degree for a career in fashion retail. For design based jobs, a degree from a prestigious design school like Central St Martins will certainly give a candidate the edge over someone without a qualification.

Banking and finance

Tara Bagley, Director of the Global Banking & Asset Management division of Page Executive’s Banking & Financial Services practice, says that, job adverts will often ask that applicants be graduates or of ‘graduate calibre’. Even at a more experienced level, employers often want to look at a candidate’s degree and grades to see what it may tell them about the person’s ability to win a place, commit to a period of learning, see it through and achieve good results.

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