The Importance and Value of a College Degree

  • With an economy only slowly recovering from a deep recession, and jobs still scarce those seeking employment are increasingly realizing the value and importance of a college degree.
  • Oftentimes, because of such an overwhelmingly large pool of seekers, an applicant without an Associate’s, Bachelor’s or even a Master’s degree can automatically be thrown out of an employer’s search, all for a simple lack of certifiable credentials.
  • Whether you have never set foot in a college classroom, or whether you’ve taken a few courses but never completed a degree, this may be the time to start thinking seriously about your education and further, your career goals.

Relationship between Unemployment and Degree Completion

  • Data from the government proves that higher education degree completion is important for job seekers; according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2009 the unemployment rate was more than twice as high for persons without a high school diploma than for persons with an Associate’s degree.
  • That gap widens to three times in comparison to persons who hold a Bachelor’s degree. The unemployment rate for persons with Master’s, professional and doctoral degrees was the lowest, at 2-4 percent.

Source link: http://www.rasmussen.edu/student-life/blogs/main/importance-and-value-of-a-college-degree/