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How to BOOST your results!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are settling into your study routine – you are well over half way for this Semester!

Here are just a few great ideas for you to try that will help you boost your results!

  1. Read your notes before you go to bed!

Make a big effort to read through your notes every night just before you go to sleep.  There is some research that shows that the brain takes the most recent memories of the day and stores them in long term memory!

Ok – so you might not want to read all your notes over, but just start with trying to read the last lecture notes in each class every night to kick start your memory patterns.

  1. Studying in Advance

Don’t do the last minute cram session!  If you practise Step 1, you’ll be ‘studying in advance’.  This is a great way to eliminate stress and you’ll definitely achieve better results.

  1. Be productive when studying

Studying is only worthwhile if you are actually being productive with your time.  Make sure you are paying attention to what you are reading, keep your phone out of sight and out of mind (put it on moon mode!)   Because our brains work differently, work out the best technique for you.  I’ll share some different techniques over the weeks towards exams.

  1. Wake up early and make a plan!

Go on – give it a try and wake up 15 minutes earlier than normal – go through your plan for the day.  Make a list, look over notes, and check your University and ATMC email account.  This will definitely lead to a better day ahead, great planning leads to great achievements!


  1. Recite notes out loud

This is an easy thing to do and if it helps you retain more information – keep doing it!


Boosting your chances of great marks is well worth it!