Guide to Choosing a University
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Guide to Choosing a University

Which university you enroll with is a big decision. For an undergraduate degree, you’ll be studying there for 3+ years. The university’s name will be on your resume for your whole career.

Here is a dot point guide on some of the things to consider when choosing a uni.

  • Prestige. Graduating from a prestigious university can add some value to your qualification. But the effect really just applies to the top universities. And it will dissipate as you build a professional track record.
  • Good teaching. Teaching quality is measured in course satisfaction surveys of students and recent graduates. The stats are useful. Also, bear in mind that you’ll be taught by many different lecturers and tutors. There’s always a mix of good and bad.
  • Graduate salaries. Salary stats need to be read carefully. Every group starting a course has a different age and ability profile.
  • Subject choice. It is a good sign if a program offers many electives and alternative study streams. As much as anything, it shows the uni is trying.

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