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How To Gain Employment Through An Internship

Prakash, a software developer from Nepal, was successful in getting full-time employment through ATMC’s Professional Year Program. Even before the end of his internship component, he was offered a full-time job.

“The internship helped me to overcome some cultural challenges. Although it was hard in the beginning, the ability to rub shoulders with different people and increase my network was the key to secure employment…

However, there are many people who get into internships just to fulfil their visa requirements. This is the wrong approach. I am here to learn and this has always been my main focus. Be genuine and work hard!”

The Key Benefits from the Internship Component of Professional Year

  1. Get your foot in the door of the Australian workforce
  2. Have exposure to Australian work culture
  3. Work on real life projects with real clients
  4. Expand your network in Australia
  5. Gain practical experience in your field
  6. Attain valuable references for your CV
  7. Produce a pathway to employment in Australia

As Prakash mentioned, getting a visa and PR should not be your priority when you are participating in your internship. Having an internship does not mean you are promised a job at the end of it.

ATMC graduate, Hina Kamran stated in, ‘An Insight Into the Professional Year Experience’, “Employment depends about how you prove yourself, especially in the intern component and workplace. The program does not guarantee you a job, it is how much you adapt and how well you perform.”

Working hard through an internship will allow you to develop the skills and knowledge related to your career so you will be ready to take on and succeed in the professional work environment in Australia.



Contributed by: Victoria Yutronich