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Computing and information technology courses in Australia-ATMC

Information technology is a big part of our lives. We use technologies such as computers, smartphones and tablets every day. More importantly, information and communications technologies are central to the operation of organisations in many different industries. This means that graduates of computing and information technology programs are very valuable and can take many different career paths.

Many international students enrol in computing and information technology degrees each year. The Australian information and communications technology (ICT) industry is growing, which means that new courses and specialisations are constantly being created.

The courses and employment opportunities available will depend on the level of qualification you complete.
If you are interested in studying computing and information technology, you may also be interested in studying Business and management, Engineering and technology or the Sciences.

Connecting to Work: How ICTs Are Expanding Job Opportunities In Australia

ICT professionals use Information Technology to build connections toward success.

… Employment projections in all but one of the identified ICT job categories …

ICT encompasses a range of terms that are used to describe the sector. These provide an historical perspective on how technology is used to manage information, and help to create more efficient processes.

Some of these names are: Information Technology (IT) Information Technology and Telecommunications (IT & T) ƒ Computing Computer Science. These terms are largely interchangeable today. ICT workers include blue and white collar workers, technical and trades people, professionals and executives.

It indicates that the leaders in large corporations now recognise the important role that technology plays in an organisation’s ongoing success. ICT is in part an industry in its own right, although there are ICT specialists in just about every workplace, either physically or virtually, who might develop software, install hardware or provide support. Most large organisations have their own ICT departments.



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