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Cloud Computing webinar a must for Information Technology career aspirants

Information Technology students, in particular those considering a career in Cloud computing, must not miss this week’s ATMC/ IT Job Pathway webinar.

In the world we live in, Cloud computing is key. Having a backed-up, secure database that can be shared with others, while safely protecting your data, can prove the difference in your career and degree. But what is “Cloud”? How do we use it correctly and how does it influence careers related to it?

With changing times comes a need for new skill sets, which is why is offering this webinar – to help shape your career pathway in Cloud.

Our engaging and highly informative four-webinar weekly series is covering the subject areas of Cybersecurity (webinar held April 8), Cloud Computing (April 15), Data (April 22) and Machine Learning (April 29).

The IT Job Pathway webinars (one hour duration) commence 10.30am IST and 3pm AEST each Thursday. EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO REGISTER FOR THE CLOUD COMPUTING WEBINAR (APRIL 15) HERE.

This series deals with the practical questions on the minds of most higher-ed IT students: What jobs are available in each area? … What skills do you need? … What to expect from such a career?


The IT Job Pathway Webinar Series, produced by ATMC and, happens every Thursday at 10.30am IST/3pm AEST.


The IT Job Pathway webinar series is the perfect opportunity to ask experts within the IT industry everything you wanted to know … but have been too afraid to ask.

In the first webinar of the series, mastercoach, software engineering and cybersecurity expert Joshua Stroup joined Vinit Sinha, Director – Cyber Security SME at Mastercard. Joshua is back this week to take participants through the wonderful and intriguing world of Cloud Computing.

One of our amazing guests for this webinar is Radhika Mittal, Director of Business and Operations at Oracle Global Business Services. Currently leading the Cloud Methodology Transformation across the GBUs, Radhika has over 30 years’ experience in the IT industry, involving Program and Project Management, Turnaround Consulting, Quality and Process Management and Risk Management.

We are also thrilled to be joined this week by Giten Mitra, a senior executive with over 20 years’ experience in Digital Transformation. Giten holds a Masters Degree in IT and has worked extensively with customers across the globe.

If IT isn’t necessarily your chosen study or career field, don’t worry. Following these four webinars will be further series each covering Digital Marketing, Law, Telecommunication and Accounting.

In the meantime, come and join us for what is proving to be an exciting IT Job Pathway webinar series. We would love to see you there!