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CDU graduate earns Northern Territory Business award

The story of Charles Darwin University (CDU) Melbourne alumna Suraiya Saadi is one of inspiration and determination. The recent graduate was awarded the Department of Business, Northern Territory Government Outstanding Academic Achievement in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) prize at an awards ceremony at CDU’s main campus in Darwin this month.

Suraiya, who received the medal for being the most outstanding graduand in the preceding academic year within the MBA course, says she feels very honoured to receive an award that acknowledges her hard work over the course.

“I initially thought it was a university award based on my academic performance. But it was actually a government prize that was acknowledged by the Northern Territory. So among all the MBA students in the Northern Territory and CDU campuses they selected me for the prize. It was seriously an outstanding moment for me, ” Suraiya says.

“I received it on my academic basis, I scored all high distinctions and distinctions in my course. The prize ceremony recognised high achieving students from every field, and I received the award for business. It was unbelievable. I was ecstatic.”

Originally from the city of Hyderabad in southern India, Suraiya’s educational focus has always primarily centered on the commerce and accounting field. After completing a bachelor and master of commerce as well as a bachelor of education, Suraiya decided to broaden her exposure of the global workforce by pursuing an MBA in Australia.

“I wanted to gain more experience in business management. Australia is a great place to study because it’s very multi-cultural, I thought this would be the best country to step ahead in my career,” Suraiya says.

Suraiya is currently now working full-time as an Administrator Manager at ABD Solutions, a renowned business-to-business (B2B) service provider that is partnered with Vodaphone, where she first completed her professional internship through CDU.

“The MBA course I studied at CDU has paved the way for my career. Currently the work I’m doing is in the telecommunications industry, as of now it has been two years since I’ve been working there and I can see a lot of progress, especially in regards to the professional interactions I have with business clients” Suraiya says.

“When I started my studies at ATMC it was an amazing experience. The assignment work that we were given was not just limited to theory, we got involved in practical work too. All the units I learned in the MBA course I can now implement in my job, so it’s been really beneficial.

“The internship program was also really helpful because we got to know the actual Australian work environment. I gained so much confidence in the field from the course,” she says.

In addition to excelling in the field of commerce, Suraiya also enjoys sharing her knowledge as a teacher. Having worked as a secondary English and Social Sciences teacher for three years in her home country, she’s eager to take up teaching in the near future.

“I really enjoy interacting with students when I teach. I like encouraging and focusing on the students who are lacking in their abilities and struggling behind. I consider teaching as one of the noblest professions. When I share my knowledge with students, I feel content,” Suraiya says.

In the future Suraiya plans to complete a Doctor of Philosphy (PhD), where her research will focus on innovative organisations and/or enhancing secondary education.

Suraiya says she’s grateful for the opportunities she has had to enhance her career in Australia.

“I love the environment and the people in Australia. Before I came to Australia, I was wondering whether people will accept me or not. But when I came here I was welcomed and I didn’t feel like I was away from home,” she says.

“I’m grateful for this recognition from CDU. Many thanks to ATMC and everyone who has supported me build my career.”