What are career options after your MBA?
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What are career options after your MBA?

Account Executive

These jobs are available from graduate level to senior management. It is a sales role in which you may work to find new customers, manage existing accounts to ensure consistent business or seek to increase spending from the current customer base.

Business Consultant

As a business consultant, appearance and presentation is extremely important and that is why MBA graduates are so highly valued. They demonstrate a high ability and level of expertise as well as being well spoken and presentable.

Finance Manager

This role would require knowledge of finance and accounting but the need to be able to guide and provide insight is why an MBA graduate would be so valuable.

Marketing Manager

Moving into marketing management is a typical career progression for anyone who specialises in marketing. An MBA demonstrates a strong ability to plan, strategize, budget and lead a team in its marketing operations. Additionally, marketing is often a core topic of MBA programs.

General Manager

A general manager is most typically someone who holds a higher enough position to be managing managers. This means that they are elite leaders and highly strategic. They know how to manage people on both an individual and team basis.

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