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Best Getaways in Melbourne

What more a relaxing weekend requires than picturesque peninsulas, sparkling bays, and beautiful peaks, and that’s exactly what Melbourne has to offer. Great Ocean Road is a couple of hours’ drives from the city center revealing the raw, rugged beauty of the cliff-fringes southern coastline. There are also national parks, waterfalls and golden beaches nearby.

Plenty of opportunities for those who love animals are also available for exhilarating critter encounters, and winter brings its own fun, with snow-cloaked peaks within easy reach of the city. Below are some of the best weekend getaways:

1. Great Ocean Road
2. The Mornington Peninsula
3. The Dandenong Ranges and the Yarra Valley
4. Lorne
5. Wilsons Promontory
6. Grampians National Park
7. Phillip Island
8. Daylesford: Day Spas and Mineral Springs
9. Falls Creek, The High Country



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