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The major benefits of a university degree

Deciding whether or not to go to university is one of the most important decisions of your life and will definitely shape your future career. But how, exactly? Here, we outline the main benefits of having a degree. 

You may think that a degree will guarantee you a dream job and you will be able to earn loads of money. For some people this is true, but it is usually not that simple. Many people who go to university have not decided on their future career, but studying for a degree gives you more time to make up your mind.

Some of the benefits of having a degree …

  • Graduates enjoy higher quality jobs than non-graduates;
  • Graduates enjoy better health outcomes, by being less likely to smoke, more likely to exercise and less prone to depression;
  • Graduates’ children also benefit from the educational success of their parents: graduates tend to have a greater involvement with their child’s education;
  • Graduates are more influential in the community, by being active citizens who are more likely to vote and participate in voluntary activities;
  • Graduates show positive attitudes towards diversity and equal opportunities, such as on race and gender equality issues.

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