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Bachelor of IT specializations at ATMC

Information technology

An IT degree will enable you to pursue a career in any industry you choose and help you play an important role in changing the world.

Work in an industry that enables you to improve the quality of life through the design and development of innovative systems – Get into IT and start designing your future today.

Information technology is an established part of our lives, but one that continually faces new challenges and embraces new opportunities. We provide students with industry-recognized qualifications that lead to exciting, diverse careers.

With the Faculty’s guidance and support, staff and students have made world-class achievements. These include developing award-winning smartphone applications, introducing computer modeling to improve understanding of sustainable energy, and using virtual technology to test new treatments in mental health.

IT specializations for success

The flexibility of our undergraduate programs leads to a diverse range of career opportunities. Students undertaking the Bachelor of IT add breadth to their studies, with a wide variety of electives chosen, whereas students undertaking one of our specialist programs will add depth and further specialist expertise in their particular area of interest.

Worried about not being able to financially survive while you study?

Have the opportunity to receive a $35500 scholarship and work experience in an internship with IBM while you study the Bachelor of IT (Professional Practice), and be considered for a position with IBM or another of our industry sponsors upon graduation*.

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*Subject to meeting graduate recruitment requirements

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