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Australian Professional Memberships

We all have come across name cards, websites such as LinkedIn and resumes that display the professional membership credentials of domain experts, job applicants, conference speakers or writers of journal articles.  These abbreviations testify to the minimum quality standards (such as minimum qualification levels, the completion of industry-approved courses, meeting work experience requirements or passing competency tests) of the awardee. 

A professional registration body has three core responsibilities.

  1. To define professional standards for its members.
  2. To enforce standards of professional conduct.
  3. To accredit courses for its members at the pre-service level and for counting professional development.

There are many professional bodies in Australia.  Some of these are the Australian Computer Society (ACS) (, CPA Australia (, and the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (

They promote quality standards and professional development within their fields and offer members activities and services.  These bodies also work with the Department of Education and Training and the National Office for Overseas Skills Recognition in evaluating foreign qualifications for employment and migration to Australia.

Associate memberships are awarded after graduation and predefined years of relevant employment experience. For a start, students can gain student membership or affiliate membership by enrolling in university courses that are accredited by the professional bodies.

At ATMC, the Federation University’s Bachelor of Information Technology and Master of Technology courses and the University of Sunshine Coast’s Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology are accredited by ACS ( 

The Federation University’s and the University of Sunshine Coast’s Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) and Master of Professional Accounting at ATMC are accredited by both the CPA Australia and the Chartered Accountants ANZ (  Student membership avails a suite of services that include publications, short courses, and workshops.

Upon completion of studies, ATMC graduands can enroll in the ACS PYear Programme or the Accounting PYP (  These professional year programmes are specifically designed for international students who have graduated from an Australian university and are looking for a successful pathway from university to employment and residency in Australia. 

It is also a job preparation programme that will equip graduands with the skills necessary for a successful career in the Australian workforce.  Fulfilling the programme requirements enable better job start and journey towards full professional membership status.



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