Library Services

ATMC Library undergoes software transformation

Big changes are happening at the ATMC library with the introduction of new and improved library software for every campus.

The new software ‘Koha’ is hosted by Calyx, Australia’s longest established provider of open source software solutions for libraries. ATMC Library staff from all campuses attended training sessions last week held by Calyx library consultant Irma Birchall to learn how to use the new system.

ATMC Library Services Manager Shannon Parsons says the library software needed to be updated to keep up with the growth of the college.

“We are changing the software that manages our library that includes everything from the program that catalogues the books as well as everything that the library members use,” she says.

“The current software that we’ve been using is for a small organisation but because we’ve grown so much and because we have four different campuses we needed to upgrade in order to cope and also to be ready for the future.”

Shannon says the new software will allow library members more freedom with finding and renewing items, as well as enable library staff to fast-track the cataloguing process so that they can focus on customer service.

“At the moment students have to contact us if they want to renew a book or hold, with the new system it is akin to what members would be used to with our partner university libraries, you log in and you can do that through the system. It will be easier for members,” she says.

“This software also allows us to centralise our library as at the moment all our books are in three different databases.”

After testing this week, the software will be ready for use by staff and students on Monday 18 July to coincide with the start of second semester.