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ATMC introduces new online learning courses with ADTC Global Education

ATMC has launched a new online educational course with ADTC Global Education, an interactive education and training online learning platform.

The online courses will focus on a series of innovative executive education and professional training programs delivered through online learning modules and offshore workshops and training. Although the modules are specifically catered for professionals, the accessibility of the courses means any individual from any part of the world can undertake the program.

ADTC Global Education is a unique solution and initiative from ATMC, which enables capturing and streaming class presentations live over the Internet through a secure interface viewable on a computer or mobile device. The highlight of the solution lies in the fact that not only can remote students watch the live sessions, they can interact with the presenter using the in-built 2-way audio and video conferencing.

ATMC’s Executive Director of Compliance and Engagement Greg Simmons believes the new initiative with ADTC Global Education will further enhance ATMC’s impact as a leader in technical and business education.

“Personally I am very excited about the potential for this new initiative, targeting students who are looking to pick up specific skills to advance their careers from their own desktops around the world,” says Greg.

“This is a different and complimentary product to what we have traditionally delivered in the higher education and vocational education and training spaces.”

The first course to be launched from this program is a Certification in Android Application Development, which enables students to become qualified in mobile application and android development– a very high in demand skill-set. Students who complete this program will receive certification and accreditation from ATMC.

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