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ATMC accomplished its first Alumni & Leadership Event with Ricky Ponting.

Australian Technical and Management College (ATMC) celebrated its first alumni event and leadership forum on Oct 26th with Ricky Ponting. Over 200 select ATMC Alumni were part of the event. The event was held in Hyatt Regency at Collins Street in Melbourne.

The event was marked with Networking among the alumni, and a Q&A session with Ricky pointing, whose presence added a feather to our cap. He shed light on leadership and recognizing all the high achievers of ATMC Alumni. The event was also joined by a host of recruitment agencies who were part of the event to inform the alumni of their various services.

Dr Manish Malhotra, CEO of ATMC, Chief Academic officer Professor Mike Clements, Chief of International operations Mr Puneet Gupta, and other senior professors and staff members participated in the event and interacted with the alumni.

The highlight of the event was the Q&A session, led by Dr Manish Malhotra. In the Q&A session with Ricky Ponting, Dr Malhotra and Professor Mike Clements asked him about the qualities a leaders should have. Ricky Pointing exchanged his views on the importance of leading with example and said that as a leader you have to be the first to do everything for anyone to follow you. It takes a lot for a leader to set an example and make people look up to them. Ponting used to wake up early, be the first to get on the ground for practice and be the last person to go to bed. He talked about how he always managed to picture the positive outcome of all the hard work he put in and how important it is to keep working towards your dream. Ponting has definitely inspired us all by the way he treated his new team members and how he guided and led his team.

ATMC is proud to have an alumni abundant with entrepreneurs, while some working for esteemed global companies in different sectors like Telecom, Information technology, Software development, Healthcare and more. The alumni felt equally proud to be a part of ATMC and expressed immense gratitude towards the professors and support staff for mentoring them and being their support system on every step of their journey.


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