ATMC Profiles

An insight into the Professional Year experience

ATMC graduate Hina Kamran chose to complete her Australian Computer Society (ACS) Professional Year through ATMC to enhance her career prospects in Australia. Hina commenced the program in March after graduating with a Masters of Information Systems from Federation University with an impressive academic record. In this Q & A Hina explains what she is learning through the course and how she thinks the program will assist her in reaching her career goals.

Why did you decided to study in Australia?

I got married in 2013 and I joined my husband in Australia. I applied to study my master’s because I wanted a prosperous career in Australia.

I’ve enjoyed my time studying in Australia so far. I find the education system in Pakistan is tough comparatively. In Australia they simplify things, which makes it easier for students to grasp and learn. Specifically with information security, when you see something you are able to better absorb it and have practical knowledge.

What are you learning in the PY course?

We are learning about how to professionally deal with people and how you start a successful work career in Australia. The course focuses more on professional development work including communications and interacting with coworkers, so that we are aware of the real workforce environment in Australia. The program’s focus is on the practical skills you need to succeed in the workforce.

What has been your favourite part of the PY program so far?

I really like the Professional Year trainer, Owen Price. The way he communicates is very good. He’s very polite and nice, and also has a lot of experience, that’s the best part. He has worked in many organisations in many countries and always shares examples from his own professional experience, he always comes up with new theories. I am looking forward to the internship part of the program, which will give me hands on experience. I have many friends who are studying with me in the program, so it’s really good to be surrounded by people I studied my master’s with.

What type of skills are you acquiring in the program?

The skills are work-related and interpersonal. As part of my master’s I had done a project with Cooking the Books – an Australian-based client, which gave me some exposure of how the Australian work culture works but I didn’t do any internship, so I am really looking forward to the internship component of the program.

I would like to do my internship at IBM but I also know that you get to learn a wider set of skills when you do an internship at a smaller organisation. At a big company you might focus on one thing, there’s not much scope for me to grow. If I get to work at a smaller place I wouldn’t mind, I’d like to learn different things there.

Do you think the program will help you with employment in the future?

Employment depends more about how you prove yourself, especially in the internship component and the workplace. The program itself doesn’t guarantee you a job; it is how much you adapt and how well you perform.

What is your career goal?

I would like to be working as a system analyst which will lead me to grow as a business analyst. My qualification and all that I have learnt and experienced from my studies has given me a thorough insight of database administration, project management, web designing and development, which will help me with my goal of becoming a business analyst.

What do you like about studying at ATMC?

I think ATMC is good compared to other universities because there are multiple nationalities that exist here. You get to see many people striving and going through the same challenges as you are. It’s good to be a part of such an institution which makes the international student experience in Australia easier whilst giving them proper awareness of Australian culture. The comfort level with teachers and level of commitment is really great. It’s good to have a homey culture when you’re so far away from home.

What has been your greatest achievement at ATMC?

I have been achieving top marks in my course at ATMC and have received high distinction in all my units for which I have constantly received appreciation letters from Federation University in each semester. I have worked as a mentor for many subjects at ATMC and gained a lot of respect from students, which I also believe is an achievement in itself because it enhances my own knowledge as well.

How important is support from family and friends while you are achieving your goals?

Throughout my experience in Australia my husband has been a great support, and his encouragement has helped me to stand out and succeed. I would not have been able to accomplish what I have without his contribution. I would like to acknowledge the moral support I received from my mother and mother-in-law; it is with their appreciation and constant prayers that I was able to make my post graduation experience worthwhile.