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Empowering a new generation with AIEC 2018, a leading event on the international education calendar in Australia.

AIEC 2018- Sydney

A leading event on the international education calendar in Australia, AIEC had 1600 attendees and 250+ speakers who shared their research findings.

IEAA Excellence Awards- celebrating innovation and leadership in international education.

The E-posters were opted to maximise attendees’ engagement level, thereby leading to a more successful and interactive session. A far-reaching part of the event, it led to many connections.

The conference included discussion on evolution of students’ capabilities in sync with the evolution of technology.

The theme of the event being ‘empowering a new generation’, it was held with the objective of shedding some light upon the development in education sector and the increasing level of opportunities for students across nations with a noticeable increase in the potential of international education.

The event also focuses on how students across the globe can achieve their career aspirations and desires and how can the students be prepared for multiple jobs and multiple careers.

The discussion on industries being revolutionised around the world, helped attendees gain relevant knowledge that will play a significant role in their career development.

Such conferences reflect how international education will help students deal with global and industrial challenges. Students and other stakeholders of this sector get a chance to come across the best practices in international education.

With the evolution of the education sector, more people are moving overseas for better opportunities and support their overall growth and development.

With discussions on business development and sustainability, students get to know more about industries.

The conference helps prepare students for an ever-changing workforce.

AIEC also hosts social programs to enhance the overall conference experience for the attendees. The objective is to help people break the ice and build connections.



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