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Advance your career in business with a Diploma of Business

Diploma of Business is the ideal course to prepare you for a transition into higher education or to further develop your skills to facilitate a career within the business sector from business management to administration and support. Students will gain the necessary skills and information to launch their careers in a variety of business and management roles.

For participants with little or no vocational experience, but who possess sound theoretical business skills and knowledge that they would like to develop into employment opportunities, the Diploma of Business offers a broad range of units that include: project management, human resources, conducting business online, administration, finance, innovation, and marketing.

For those individuals looking for a direct pathway into higher education, the Diploma of Business provides an ideal pathway into several Australian universities. The Diploma of Business is a nationally recognized qualification, complying with the AQF standard and ASQA standards for Registered Training Organizations.

How do you benefit from this?
  • Both oral and written, better communication skills
  • A deeper understanding of business processes and protocols
  • Analytical skills to interpret data and draw conclusions
  • Management skills to promote productivity and results in a business diploma will prepare you for a huge range of roles in the workforce.

Employers see higher education as a valuable tool in the hands of any employee. You will be suitable for some roles such as office manager, marketing, human resources, executive officer and program coordinator.

The Diploma in Management prepares the participants to play a leadership role within their companies. Classes are intensive, but with dedication and strenuous work ethics, students will make successful and internal skills learned in the classroom. At the graduate level, you have two options: You can either return to the workforce or take managerial status within the marketing or human resources department or you can go ahead to earn your bachelor’s degree.

Holders of Business Management qualification can secure admission in the relevant diploma of 3 or 4-year bachelor’s degree course. Upon completion of the bachelor’s degree course, one can carry out a relevant Master level course. This can be done with advanced courses like M.Phil. and Ph.D.



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