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About Australian Culture

Australia is diverse:

Australia doesn’t have one uniform national culture because the country welcomes diverse cultures.
Australia is home to the oldest surviving civilization on Earth: One of the most significant components of this multicultural milieu is Australia’s First Peoples, who represent the oldest continuously existing culture anywhere in the world.

Australians love a drink:

On the World Health Organization’s table of the thirstiest nations on earth, Australia is the third booziest country outside Europe (and 19th overall), guzzling down 12.2L of alcohol per capita each year.

Australians love their sport:

Some of the most popular and massive international events like Australian Open tennis and the Formula One Grand Prix are held in Australia. From the beloved summer of cricket to all the water sports, Australia is a sports lover’s paradise.

Australians are one of the most tolerant people:

Australia is considered to be amongst the most unorthodox nations on Earth. Australia ensures equality for all under any circumstances.

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