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Meet Professional Year Student Ravichandher Gampa: IBM Intern.

Meet ATMC Professional Year (PY) Student Ravichandher Gampa: IBM Intern. Moving to Australia from India to complete his Masters of Information Systems, Ravichandher is ambitious and excited to pursue a career in Business Process Analysis in Australia.

The PY program at ATMC is helping Ravichandher achieve his goals. Through PY, he was given the opportunity to apply for an internship with leading IT company IBM. The intense recruiting process consisted of group sessions, online aptitude testing and a face-to-face interview.


Ravichandher on the left.

Ravichandher was successful in his efforts and has now been working as an intern with IBM for five months. When asked what his experience was like during the interview process, Ravichandher said,

“I felt so nervous at the first stages of the interview process, they were new people and a totally new environment for me. However, after the first stage of the interview was completed and I was successful, my confidence grew and this helped me prepare well for the rest of the interview stages. It was a great experience and one that will surely help me with future interviews”.

IMG_4653Ravichander currently works two days as part of the IBM change bridging team fo and three days a week on an internal IBM application redesigning project.

He said, “I enjoy working in both roles. The roles involve dealing with clients and resolving bridging queries so I have the opportunity to develop my communication and problem solving skills in a professional environment. I also work in a team environment, this builds my interpersonal skills, as I have to interact with different team members and management staff.”

Someone who has witnessed Ravichander’s development through the PY program is IBM Business Manager, Bradley Mumford. Bradley said, “Ravichander is one of fourteen ATMC PY students I have had the pleasure of working with through their placement since IBM joined this program in July 2013.

In support of their placement, Students are provided core responsibilities within the department to develop their interpersonal skills as a member of the workplace, this is supplemented by smaller projects to produce outcomes and celebrate their achievements. Ravichander is excelling in both areas and is a continual reminder of the benefits of the program to both Ravichander as a young professional working in Australia and IBM as his sponsor”.

When asked how enrolling in the PY program with ATMC has helped prepare him for the real work environment in Australia, Ravichander said,

“The skills which I have learnt from my PY classes such as participating in meetings, IT support skills, customer support skills, problem solving skills and presentation skills have all been very relevant to me. I have had to utilise these skills to be successful as an intern with IBM and PY has made me work ready quicker and has prepared me for the Australian work environment. I would definitely recommend PY at ATMC to all international students. The team at ATMC are in direct coordination with ACS, the materials and practices used in the course are up to date and the staff are passionate about helping students to be better professionals.”

If you want to get ahead of the crowd by having that extra advantage of real life skills then get in contact with Anjali our PY coordinator today and ask how ATMC can help you achieve your goals.



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